Yes, completely, the LPEE CEMGI through its specialized center located in Casablanca Tit Mellil is able to perform all tests to rule on the conformity of the tiles delivered according to standards and specifications regarding your order. These tests must be conducted on a representative sample.

No, you can contact our technical center of Marrakech to process this request; it will liaise with the specialized center in Casablanca for the realization of this inspection.
The LPEE is established in all regions of Morocco and its regional centers can process most orders. In the case of services that request the involvement of special centers of Casablanca, regional technical centers will have the responsibility to act as a relay.

For LPEE, there is no small project because all projects are important; given the relevance or users safety.
Indeed, the LPEE provides research services and monitoring of the works of public buildings or private buildings. It operates on the level of the foundations study, the follow-up of the structure as in all the secondary works.