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Specialized centres and laboratory

  • Material and Industrial engineering Experimental center CEMGI
  • Material and Industrial engineering Experimental center CEEE
  • National Metrology laboratory LNM

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Metallurgy :

  • Quality control of ferrous and non ferrous metal products
  • Micro and macro grafic analysis, beakage mechanics
  • Chemical analysis, assemblies’ laboratory Tests
  • Issues of corrosion, damage analysis, breakage mechanics
  • Non destructive inspection and controls
  • Regulatory controls of pressurized and hoisting devices


Electricity :

  • Tests on electrical electronical and electro technical engineering equipment and materials
  • Technical assistance for equiment and installations compliance
  • Automatic controls, electrical pump units and flow meters Tests and checks
  • Installations controls and expertise
  • Rotating machines, and programmable automatic controls Tests and expertise


Metrology :

  • Equipment calibration and setting
  • Organization of intra and inter enterprise training sessions in metrology
  • Assistance and consulting for measurement equipment park management
  • Diagnostic audit of corporate entities metrological function


Packaging and conditionning :

  • Tests and expetise on plastic
  • Tests and expertise on metallic packaging
  • Tests on textiles, ropes and strings


Fire security Occupational safety and health :

  • Studies and expertises
  • Technical audits
  • Tests, analysis, certifcation
  • Training