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Openness to international

After over 60 years serving the Moroccan economy, the competencies and know-how of LPEE exceeded by far the national level, many cooperation agreements were signed with the most representative organizations of the construction industry and civil engineering in many Arab, European, American, Asian and African countries.

As part of the South-South cooperation, LPEE materialized education acts and technical assistance with laboratories affiliated with the Association of African laboratories in the building industry and public works (ALBTP).

Today, LPEE is involved in the studies, the control of works and expert testimonials for infrastructure constructions in Africa and the Mediterranean countries.

Thus, through delocalization of teams and on sites specialized laboratories dedicated to the project, LPEE provides services in accordance with international standards in Equatorial Guinea and Burkina Faso. In addition, several specific services were provided in Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Gabon and Saudi Arabia.

Thirty agents were expatriated from LPEE for an annual sales turnover to the export of more than 2 million euros in 2011.

Finally, in the framework of its general organization, the LPEE has an Export Department that supports the development and coordination of its international