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Building & civil engineering

Specialized centres and laboratories :

  •  Transport infrastructures Studies and Research Centre CERIT
  •  Soil Experimental center CES
  •  Technical and Scientific Department CSTC
  •  Major Works Experimental center CEGT
  •  Material and Industrial engineering Experimental center CEMGI
  •  Material and Industrial engineering Experimental center CEEE

All regional centres an laboratories
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Buildings :

Residential, tertiary, administrative, school and university, industrial, socio-economic, collective, tourist facilitiers, towers, real estate complexes, plotted land, urban facilities, old frames and urban fabrics, historical…

  • Preliminary studies for materials approval, equipent, installations and process…
  • Concrete fomulation studies, mortar and special mixtures
  • Quality controls for matérials, and works
  • Provision of worksite laboratory, for external controls and exterior controls
  • Non destructive cheks of deep foundations, massifs and structures
  • Structures, secondary plots and technical equipment receipt tests
  • Expertise regarding structures, secondary plots, finishing and technical equipment
  • Pathological, on carrying ability, reinforcement and rises expertise
  • Old and historical urban fabrics building rehabilitation studies
  • Seismic risk vulnerability study
  • Technical essessment of innovative products and processes
  • Technical essessment of integrated performances
  • Certification, labeling.

Geo-technical studies :

Buildings, transport infrastructures, civil engineering works, hydraulic, maritime, urban, and industrial made up, underground works, earthworks, stability, ground and rock reinforcements, borrowings and quarries prospection :

  • Sites, project instruction
  • Foundations, earthworks
  • Roadway sizing
  • Reinforcement, existing roadway enlargement
  • Prospecting soil, borrowings and quarries
  • Soils reinforcement, drainage, strengthening
  • Slopes, sides and cofferdams stability
  • Underground works, galleries, tunnels
  • Canals, pipelines, collectors
  • Giant soil mechanics tests, tests on massif rock
  • Water testing
  • Vibration impact
  • Off shore drilling, submarine recognition
  • Geophysical, hydro-geological recognitions
  • Technical assistance for earthworks on difficult sites
  • Tunnels and galleries sounding strengthering solutions


Transport infrastructures :

Roads , highways, airfields , earthworks, plarforms, ways, divers systems, linear, civil engineering works…

  • Approval tests for soils, materials, equipment, installation and process
  • Formulation studies for hydrocarbon, dydraulic and special mixtures
  • Rheological handle studies for hydrocarbon mixtures
  • Monitoring of witness and experimental tial boards
  • Verification and setting of crushing and coating stations
  • Quality controls for materials and works
  • Provision of worksite laboratory for external controls and exterior controls
  • Horizontal road signs controls
  • Earthworks platform controls
  • Assessment studies on roadways and annexes state degradation
  • Sounding tests on readways, profiles analysis
  • Roadways core drilling and sawing
  • Expert advice and consulting on technical risks

Civil engineering works :

Bridges, scuppers, reservoirs, stations, stadiums, tunnels, collectors, reinforcements, silos, exceptional structures….

  • Preliminary approval tests for materials, equipment, installations and process…
  • Studies on the rheological, formulation of concrete, pouring, injections and special products
  • Studies on concrete durability, alkali reaction qualification
  • Quality controls for materials and works
  • Provision of worksite laboratory for external controls and exterior controls
  • Non destructive checks of deep foundations, massif and structures
  • Load tests, structures and equipments receipt tests
  • Pathological expertise of structures and equipments
  • Expertise on carrying capacity, reinforcement, widening and rises…
  • Studies on the rehabilitation of bridges, old and historical structures
  • Assessment studies ,on structure and corresponding equipment state degradation
  • Core sampling of test tubes for tests
  • Tests on carbonatation, corrosion, and chemical attack
  • Monitoring of repair work and technical assistance
  • Technical evaluations of innovative products and processes
  • Assets management information system