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Our resources

Material resources

We have facilities at the forefront of innovation that enable us to ensure our missions in the best conditions and provide services of high international quality standards.

Each year, about 10% of our turnover is invested to renew, complete and modernize our equipment. The objective of these investments being on the one hand, to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers informed and interested in our quality of services and on the other hand to share and anticipate the needs of a growing market mutation.

Human Capital

Our current workforce exceeds 1000 employees with over 30% of engineers and senior managers.

The diversity of our areas of intervention leads us to enrich and strengthen the human resources with specialists who allow us to meet the requirements of our customers and offer them the best possible and highest quality services.

To maintain our human resources at a high level as described above, we invest each year more than 3% of our turnover in training and skills development of our employees.

Our synergy is also based on human resources management allowing working in multidisciplinary teams on various projects and sharp engineering problems.