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Our values


Integrity, honesty, fairness and neutrality are the watchwords in all circumstances that control practices and decisions of the LPEE. They are action instructions that set the tone of our search for the truth because, "even if nothing is found, it sniffs the scent of the truth that is hidden (*)"

(*) Jean Rostand, Enquiring biologist


Main actor in the construction industry field, the LPEE is aware of its responsibilities, including with regard to the public, ultimate recipient of its services. This orientation of responsibility derives its strength from the sacredness of the measurement which is in the midst of our business and whatever its outcome is, because "error measurement is also the corresponding truth measurement (**)”.

(**) Claude of Saint Martin, Writer


We do not have customers. We have partners only for us to mobilize ourselves as part of their projects, offering a high quality service and expert advice for the success of these projects which are also ours. Because "the only way that offers any hope of a better future for all humanity is that of cooperation and partnership (***)".

(***) Kofi Annan, Former General secretary of UNO


Modernizing our equipment and measuring instruments and supporting continuing education of our human resources are the pillars on which our strategy and technological innovation is “A chosen situation because we have a burning passion for something (****)

(****) Steve Jobs, chairman from Apple